Mataatua: The House That Came Home

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We appreciated working with Ngati Awa in Whakatane to assist the iwi to tell the true tale of the adventures of their famous Wharenui Mataatua, a beautiful carved meeting house which was taken by the New Zealand Government in the 1890′s and sent across the world to be displayed at various British Empire exhibitions in Australia and the UK. Here are a few screens from the film and a condensed version of the story. Read More

Interactive Learning Animations

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For the past 18 months we’ve worked with the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology to help them create a large number of interactive animations for their Aeronautical Engineering courses. We’ve posted stills of a few of our favourite models below so that you can appreciate the quality and  attention to detail in each animation.

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TSB Bank Super Screen

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In 2005 a group of us like minded ‘dreamers’ were sitting in Govett Quilliam’s boardroom participating in a demo of NEC’s latest wiz bang interactive LCD screens and software, and Colleen Tuuta asks ‘how big do those TV’s get, and do they come with a truck, and what about a satellite’. This was the start of a really challenging and interesting journey, to see if we could indeed get a BIG TV on wheels for the Taranaki community. Read More

Strange Happenings on the Dark Side of the Moon

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In 2008 we had an opportunity to work on a interesting project with the creator of the Moonjoos line of vodka jellos.

Moonjoos wanted to create an experience site where the legend of the brand could be developed. So working with our friends Digitalus we set to and devised a world on the dark side of the moon where men were tempted by beautiful maidens on earth, kidnapped and then set to work as slaves of the Moonjoos Corporation, mining, distilling and packaging the famous Moonjoos brand of vodka jellies. Read More

Facebook App Authorisation – Can We Steal Your Content?

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1. fab2-580x286

Facebook is getting saturated with various apps, the majority either mindless variants of farm, pet or city growing, or tiresome surveys/quizzes.

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to create an application that can have impact in the real world. ”Giving Nature a Voice” is a Facebook based multi-petition application for Forest & Bird New Zealand. Their first petition was to encourage people to speak up and help prevent more mining of our conservation areas.  Read More

Momentum Client Area

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We regularly have the need to share assets with our clients  – videos, images, mock-ups, documents, etc. Instead of clogging up inboxes with huge files that can’t be easily found, or resorting to third parties such as yousendit we created a simple, clean online Client Area. It is extremely easy to use – it simply maps our local folders and files to a tasty interface. Read More

Recession Logos

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Logo-spoofing has always enjoyed great popularity among designers, and the generally geeky (in the most positive sense of the word!) public.  A show of fun, critical thinking,  and a little deviance (well respected among the creative) may culminate in a T-shirt displaying well-known corporate brand with a twist, like say the Starbucks logo saying “starsucks” instead. In recent times however, this fun practice has both increased, and shifted in theme towards the recession. Here’s a basic collection of what can be found in a session of google / flickr searches.